Do you know the signs of human trafficking?

Human trafficking is prevalent across Canada. While over 40 million people are estimated to be enslaved by human trafficking internationally, the problem is now in our own backyard—with Ontario accounting for over 70% of reported Canadian cases.

Could you identify a young woman caught in an exploitative sexual situation?

Exploited women display some or all of the following signs of being in a predatory context:

Warning signs


Being controlled by others, always escorted, often without cell phone or identification, cut off from family and friends, relying on cash, moving frequently, among others.

Abnormal behaviour

Anxious and submissive, fearful, avoids eye contact, has others speak for them, with possible signs of substance dependency.

Physical appearance

Including age- or context-inappropriate clothing, expensive clothing and accessories, bruising and malnourishment, and possible signs of restraint and confinement.

This is not an exhaustive list. Victims may exhibit additional signs. If you or someone you know is entrapped in a predatory environment, contact us. We can help.